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About Us

About Ledger Farms

A chance to learn more about the people, philosophy, methods and produce of Ledger Farms Ltd.

Meet the People: Of course, the driving force behind any successful company, is its executives. Ledger Farms is no different in that respect, run in partnership by dynamic farming brothers; John & Ken...

John Ledger
John Ledger
John is the driving force behind the modern farming technology utilised as part of Ledger Farms central strategy. An early embracer of techonlogy, and exponent of "two finger typing" keyboard skills; John epitmosises the modern-day farmer. During his few free days, John likes to exercise by retrieving un-damaged clay pigeons from one of his fields.

Ken Ledger
Ken Ledger
Ken masterminds Ledger Farm's customer relations strategy; drawing on his well-known easy-going, approachable and tolerant personality. In rare non-farm-executive moments, as a keen windsurfer; Ken can often be found dressing up in rubber and praying for wind or crash-testing the cycle paths of Kent.

Philosophy: On a more serious note, Ledger Farms is committed to employing the very latest techniques, together with utilising the finest agronomic advice available, to maximise yields from land we farm; in a responsible and sustainable fashion. We are proud to members of the Assured Combinable Crops scheme:
Assured Combinable Crops Scheme

Assured Combinable Crops is an integral part of British Farming, providing a benchmark standard that's recognised right across the agricultural supply-chain from producer right through to end consumer. There are already 20,000 registered members of this scheme. Our Registration number is 20177: Learn More About Assured Combinable Crops»