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Products and Services

Products and Services

Ledger Farms aims to maintain a diverse portfolio of products and services, ensuring we make the most of the resources available to us, whilst also serving our local community wherever we are able
Advanced GPS Steering "Greenstar"

Technology we use:

We make use of the latest Auto-steer technology for our tractors and combines. We use John Deere's advanced Green Star AMS. This uses RTK guidance: the most accurate available (2cms tolerance). This helps us save considerably on inputs (seeds, chemicals, fertilisers, fuel), ensuring minimal overlap and making full use of machinery operational width managing our efficiency and environmental footprint

We regularly produce the following crops:

  • Wheat: a staple grain that is found in many of our foods, grown both for seed and food production (animal and human) - Learn More: Wikipedia about Wheat»
  • Rapeseed: a versatile seed that produces many vital products. We grow "HOLL Rape" (High Oleic Low Linolenic) a high health oil used in food production - Learn More: Wikipedia about Rapeseed»
  • Beans: a food crop for human or animal consumption - Learn More: Wikipedia about Beans»
John Deere Tractor 7000 series We offer the following services:
  • Farm Management: Full management and farming of UK land - Learn More: Contact us for details»
  • Stabling: We provide short-term stabling for livestock in transit in Kent at New Townsend Farm in St Margaret's at Cliffe - Details can be found here:
Livestock and Dairy production, currently including:
  • Cows: We have a fully automated rotary dairy supplying Milk for the UK and Abroad using the latest technology management
  • Sheep: We have seasonal grazing available on our land - Contact us for details»